Human Resources Consultant & CHRO

Human Resources Consultant & CHRO

Human Resources Consultant & CHROHuman Resources Consultant & CHROHuman Resources Consultant & CHRO







Allee's Group delivers solutions that help organizations improve business effectiveness. With a strategic approach to the effective management process we identify problems, plan action, negotiate changes, and evaluate the progress. 

We institute employment compliance, Equal Employment Opportunity Programs, and build Corporate Culture.

Additionally, we assist in the implementation of the processes and develop or build the executive team.





  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Implicit Social Cognition/Bias
  • Organizational Development
  • Diversity
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Employee Relations
  • Learning Skills Facilitation 
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Resume Writing 
  • Full Cycle Recruitment Processes






  • Expert & Unbiased Advice
  • Organizational Development
  • Executive Intervention
  • Company Representation in legislation issues
  • Policy and Procedure
  • Employee Relations
  • Training & Development
  • Unconscious Bias Awareness 
  • Executive Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance

Taking on Challenges

Taking on Challenges



●Implemented presentations on Cognitive Bias (consciousness of “attitudes” and stereotypes affecting workplace behavior) fostering diversity compliance in over 60 locations in the U.S.

●Established the very 1st Training division at City of Charleston. 

●Appointed the City’s 1st Diversity/EEO & Disabilities Officer.

●Introduced 1st company-wide Customer Service Training and Employee Relations programs.

●Thwarted employee strike. 

●Reduced turnover rate by 35% within the first 6 months. 

●Chaired grievance committees slashing and reducing grievances by 98%. 

●Renegotiated benefit plans saving over $350k of the company's costs. 

●Reconfigured workers compensation programs reducing costs by over $ ½ million. 

●Decreased worker’s compensation cost by $75k first quarter.

●Fully staffed the entire summer season of Six Flags Great Adventure Park within one weekend.  

●Established 1st interactive new hire orientation & summer academic program at Six Flags Great Adventure Park.

●Successfully resolved 100% (EEOC)  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints for all 13 Systems and Call Centers. 

●Executed organizational change to accomplish the Office of Cable Television’s "2 hour" service window requirement resulting a  20k increase in customers.

●As the Change Agent, I audited, corrected, and eradicated  the OFCCP/FCC & EEOC  $250k penalty fee per occurrence, per location for 2 reporting years. 

●Awarded # 5 Top Recruiter and Customer Enroller ;Commitment to Excellence Recognition  and; Perseverance Award  

Work & Knowledge

Taking on Challenges

Work & Knowledge


●Over 30 years of high-stakes Human Resources and CHRO

● 30+ year’s strategic course & direction of people functions

● 20 years turning around troubled companies and instituting a new corporate cultures

●21 years of expertise in Equal Employment Opportunity & Implicit Social Cognition/Bias  plus a doctoral thesis on the topic

●28 years enhancing Employee Relations

●20 years Developing and Training executives and leaders

●30 years managing multiple sites, departments, and direct reports. Oversee an excess of  $30m budgets with approximately 1700 employees

●35+ years full-cycle recruiting and onboarding new hires: IT professionals; CDL drivers; executives; engineers and; all areas of contract, government, public and private positions.

●30 years of organizational development & relationship building

●30 years of employee relations and building corporate cultures

●18 years representing companies in settlements, negotiations, and judicial procedures

●15 years of mediation/conflict resolution

●30 years Training

●15 years of Certified Learning Skills Facilitator


Taking on Challenges

Work & Knowledge


Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resources Management Southwest University, Metairie, LA
Master of Arts in Human Resources Management Southwest University, Metairie, LA,
Baccalaureate of Arts in Speech Communications Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA
Certified Facilitator for Graduate School Phoenix University, Charlotte, NC
Certification in Facilitator Mediator/Conflict Resolution George Mason University
●Certified in Training/Facilitator in Learning Skills DDI, Atlanta, GA
●Audio/TV Production
● Noncommission Officer School
● Leadership  United States Marine Corps
Viral Marketing● Social Media Marketing● Digital Marketing● Blogging● Nutrition
Shaw Academy

•How to Conduct an Internal Investigation

•Dealing With Unacceptable Employee Behavior

•How to Work With Difficult People

•Who Moved My Cheese

•Employment Law

•Sign Language

•One Minute Manager

•Equal Employment Opportunity

•Cultural Differences

•Diversity in the Workplace

• Jackson Lewis Employment Law Symposiums in New Jersey, New York, and New Mexico

▪ Beginner Spanish 

About Us


Welcome To Allee's Group

 Allee's Group is a Human Resources Consultant group providing expert and pragmatic advice directly to customers on managing Employee Relations issues, the application of policy, and the development of a corporate culture.  Driving force and change agent specializing in Equal Employment Opportunity with a proven record of turning around troubled organizations. We resolve complex issues requiring executive intervention. The Group delivers development and coaching to leaders  throughout the workplace and wellness life cycle where People Matters Matter To Us .

 At Allee’s Group we recognize that health and finances are a crisis today. So, in addition to providing top notch, human resources expertise and "best practices”, we focus on business and wellness services. Allee’s Group builds organizations while partnering with high ranking companies with strong products and services that enhance our logo:

  • "Fishers of Men" and Women Strong recruting efforts for serious people wanting to invest themselves into financial freedom. 
  • Allee's Group strives towards Building Business, with these dedicated entrepreneurs, towards better health and finances. 
  • And, Allee's Group focuses on Developing Success with opportunities for our partners and members by providing information, training, and support during their discovery of new ways of accomplishing their financial goals. 

Allee's Group focuses on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves to be; in their company or in their own business. 


Independent Consultants - 

Within 3 years, Allee's Group successfully accepted  over 60 Consultants, stretching across the United States, coached these Consultants in developing their own prosperous organizations. We developed over 143 monthly customers and numerous retail customers. Since 2015 we have sponsored more than 37 company paid vacations.  In 2 months time 7 brand new Consultants expanded their businesses and kicked off new business in 6 new cities    

· This 2019 year, we had 3 new  ”All Star" Consultants build their business in less than 30 days eligible for $1600 in bonus and 4 Consultants have won $400 in monthly group bonuses 

· Allee’s Group resumes has a 99% upgraded job level acceptance rate in less than two months of their job search

· Allee’s Group has maintained human resources consulting contracts and average adding 2 new customers

· Mid year we have 7 ways to get paid, bonuses, and fabulous all expense paid trips! We also have 25 more Consultants in the pipeline AND there is still room for you to come aboard and make money


What's Your Why?

Independent Consultants - 

If you are an extraordinary type and serious about partnering with this Group, you should be able to address the question, "What's your why?”. Allee's Group recruits only serious-minded applicants to join the  team and to work remotely.  If you desire to be successful, in an entrepreneurial environment, with a large global health & wellness company these skills help:

Leadership capabilities- manage; coach; or train a small team

Customer Service- call center, telemarketing, heavy telephones 

• Practical application or experience in sales- direct sales; commission sales; promotions

• Familiarity networking; marketing


o No Franchise or Royalty Fees 

o Equity Accrual

o Repeat Customer Purchase Revenue Earned Monthly

o Unique Health Product Offerings

o Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

o Advancement opportunities

o Awesome Group Incentive Programs

And why should Employers, Small Businesses, and Community Organizations be interested? 

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