Human Resources Consultant & CHRO

Human Resources Consultant & CHRO

Human Resources Consultant & CHROHuman Resources Consultant & CHROHuman Resources Consultant & CHRO

I've Done Some Things

I Work Hard

  •  Established 1st Training division at City of Charleston. 
  • City of Charleston’s 1st Diversity/EEO & Disabilities Officer.
  • Established 1st Training division at City of Charleston. City of Charleston’s 1st Diversity/EEO & Disabilities Officer.
  • Effective employee relations programs thwarting employee strike. 
  • Streamlined staffing reducing turnover by 35% in first 6 months.
  • Lead positive HR for work forces in excess of 30,000 regular, 1700 seasonal, &  thousands contract employees. 
  • Created 1st interactive new hire orientation and summer academic program for Six Flags Great Adventure.
  • Introduced 1st formal, company-wide Customer Service Training Program to the City of Charleston.
  • Win rate of 100% in the resolution of discrimination claims, harassment complaints, and unemployment disputes.
  • Established 100% win rate defending EEO complaints & reducing grievances by 98%.
  • Conducted a weekend recruitment event which staffed the Six Flags Park for the entire season.
  •  Certified Trainer delivering workshops: EEO; customer service; diversity, leadership, regulatory requirements, etc. Reduced $250k+ liabilities in OFCCP/FCC & EEOC fines resulting in 2 + penalty free reporting years.
  • Chaired grievance committees and recommended settlement options slashing complaints by 45% and grievances by 98% in less than 3 years.
  • Delivered tactical operational plans driving successful organizational change in OCT’s required "2 hour" window cable service call. Compliance was met and customer base increased by 20k.
  • Reduced insurance benefit plans costs over $35k. Reconfigured workers compensation programs reducing costs over $ ½ million. Instituted safety programs decreasing worker’s compensation cost by $75k first quarter.

"Fisher of Men" Building Business Building Success

I have a reputation for turning around businesses in trouble.  I'm now establishing the new reputation of building success for business and businesses.

Contact me and we can arrange to discuss your human resources business needs ranging from an individual through to a corporation.

Becoming Me



Althea M Purnell, PhD's beginnings are as a Creole, native, quadroon, in New Orleans Louisiana. The daughter of an original Dixieland Jazz pianist Creole man (Alton John Purnell) and a magnificient Creole beauty (Esther V. Severin Purnell) during Jim Crow times in the most color conscious place in the world.  Here, acceptance as a dream for those darker than a brown paper bag. This is literal. We had brown paper bag parties. At door of the party a bag was held against the face or arm for comparison. I would make it in but, I had a buddy that would get turned away. I would leave with her.

 Soc Au' Lait - "Wow!" "Ouch!" Too dark skinned to be considered privileged; hair too kinky to be straight, yet too straight to be nappy; pointed nose and no spaced teeth. The typical story of, "Nobody wants the Mulatto child”.  Whites don't want us; blacks resent us. We just sit on the fence waiting to fall off, and see who's yard we fall into." My Mommie still loved me! 

On a full academic scholarship to Boston College, I found pride in my skin color and learned so much about my own kind. It was a challenge washing my hair in beer and vinegar, then tying portions in strips of brown paper, and standing in a steamy bathroom but, I got my hair into an afro! Such fun. But my Creole ways made for a clashing Cultural difference. My speech, my dress, my "eagle nose", all were laughable. It was that Mulatto fence again and Creole to boot. 

The rich whites protest not wanting the poor whites; Cubans wanted white and not Hispanic; Puerto ricans, Africans,  Dominicans, Capeverdians...Oh La La! I just wanted us all to accept each our differences.Ah. Pas conne" -I don't know!



Why did I think Marines didn't cry? Because they stood strong to protect others. In that outstanding uniform they looked the same. It was a dream, so I reached for it. As were many, I was deceived by my recruiter sending me in for preparation training to help me get into physical shape before the next Officer Candidate School class was to start. He lied. He signed me up Enlisted instead of Officer (about half pay less and far down to the bottom of the authority chain). I was deceived not pas conne -not stupid. In the US Marine Corps, I found all sorts of skin colors, speech, and beliefs. Frankly, just being a "woman", a "woman of color" and a "person of color" brought few other choice names  providing entirely new fences to fall from. Blesse'-hurt. Blesse' mais fascine'-Hurt but fascinated.  

In the Chow Hall, I sat across from a tall, stocky, black man. He had smooth very black skin and seemed like a huge mass of black power. I stared at him and instant knew what white people feared. He was beautiful! The south, college, the military, the world are systems I couldn't beat but it was time for people to learn about differences and for me to speak out. 

Credibility IS Everything


 Over 30 years as a high-stakes Human Resources Executive; Independent  Consultant; Business Coach and Wellness Business Recruiter focusing on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves to be; in their company or in their own business.

● 30+ year’s strategic course & direction of people functions 

● 20 years applying an uncommon ability to turn around a troubled companies and instituting a new corporate culture 

●21 years expertise in Equal Employment Opportunity & Implicit Social Cognition/Bias  plus a doctoral thesis on the same topic

●28 years enhancing Employee Relations

●28 years Developing and Training executives and leaders 

●30 years managing multiple sites 

●35+ years recruiting and onboarding IT, CDL , executives, and all levels for contract, public and private positions.

●30 years organizational development & relationship building 

●30 years leadership and coaching application 

●18 years representing companies in settlements, negotiations, & judicial procedures 

●15 years mediation/conflict resolution 

●15 years training

●35+ years training  

Education and Certifications

PhD & MA in Human Resources Management Southwest University

BA in Speech Communications Boston College

●Certified Trainer/Facilitator ●Certified in Conflict Resolution 

United States Marine Corps

Allee's Group


My lovely skin color forced me to acquire credibility in my words so, I secured a Masters Degree and a PhD in Human Resources concentrating in Equal Employment Opportunity. Here, I found my voice. Diversity EEO/AA mandates provided me a platform for "Respecting Differences" and "Everyone Matters".  My quest began.  

While addressing workplace concerns, Allee's Group began coaching and consulting organizations on employment laws and behaviors. Providing signature training modules and programs to foster compliance and diversity, I developed my expertise. Looks, cultures, beliefs, practices, are all ingredients in this tossed salad world of ours. All are important and EVERYONE matters! I can't change the world, but human resources allows me to adjust behaviors and introduce differences.